VIDEO: Unqle Chriz makes Phalaborwa his epicentre for music shake-up

Music industry game changer and trendsetter, Unqle Chriz.

In this flooded industry of music, it’s hard to predict where music careers are headed. However, singer-songwriter, Unqle Chriz, keeps coming in waves, knocking down walls with his passion and love for music.

It is a great challenge to predict what will pop, who will land on top and what will flop in the music industry today but Phalaborwa is exposed to an exuberant composer of harmonic sounds who dream, think and live in music.

Christopher’s stage name was initially Chris B, and later changed to Unqle Chriz (pronounced as Uncle Chris) to avoid confusion with Chris Brown.

At this point and time, it is not clear where music is headed

Music sensation, Unqle Chriz, continues to prove to his fans that lyricists like himself have the power to influence explosive expressions of emotions that create a desire to partially disconnect from immediate reality.

At this point and time, it is not clear where music is headed as Unqle Chriz is a recording artist signed by Kelvin K Chill Harris and together they hold in ground an understanding that music is a universal language shared with people everywhere.

Where determination and opportunity meet, great things are bound to happen; proven by Unqle Chriz nine years ago when his song was nominated for the Munghana Lonene FM music awards. “I write, compose, produce, mix and master my own music and I write my music out of inspiration.

“I do not follow trends, I believe in setting one,” he said.

In addition, he said that he was not prepared to work with musicians who do not put in as much effort as he does.

“The plan is to make meaningful music with meaningful lyrical content which can relate to the mass,” he added.

In 2013, Unqle Chriz released his debut EP, Butterflies.

In December 2014, Unqle Chriz was one of Cassper Nyovest’s opening acts at Europa, Pretoria. On 2014 December 6 , he released a hit single, “Limpopo so beautiful” on iTunes.

April 2015 was a joyful moment as it was announced that Unqle Chriz was nominated for the Film, Arts, Music Entertainment (FAME) SA Awards.

Within a period of nine years, we’ve seen him progress, consequently opening a flood of opportunities in his musical career. His music strike emotions of happiness and groove, depending on personal moods.

Unqle Chriz has just dropped a video “9-5” on youtube. The song was co-written for Blu Soul Media by American songwriter Richard Kelly.

The video was directed for LI Media by Solly Makofane. 9-5 is an R&B , mid-tempo slow jam that features beats and minor influences of funk and pop music, reminiscent of Marvin Gaye’s 1982 song “Sexual Healing.”

The production of the song infuses elements of new school R&B with elements of ’80s pop, and was produced by Unqle Chriz.

The song has so far been playlisted on Thobela FM, Channel Africa, Power FM, Alex FM, Lotus FM, Munghana Lonene FM amongst few others.

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