Phalaborwa SPCA shut down

The SPCA functions as an integral part of the community and society at large. It’s also referred to as the ‘Municipal Pound’.

The Phalaborwa municipality, however, had already stopped its financial support back in 2007. And that without notice or explanation.

Correspondence has consistently reached a dead end since then.

In order for the SPCA to function, salaries need to be paid.

Then there’s the purchases of equipment, vehicle maintenance, insurance, and telephone bills as well.

As any pet owner could imagine, the largest expenditures are the veterinary bills.

On May 16, a detailed email was sent to the municipal manager outlining the dire situation and immanent threat of closure due to lack of funding.

The letter outlined not only the legal responsibilities and financial obligations of the municipality, but she also presented a number of alternative solutions that would benefit all parties involved.

Subsequently, a meeting was called with SPCA chairperson Andie Condogiannis to address the problem, which was attended by the municipal manager, councillor Sybrandt de Beer, and the Chief Financial Officer.

The Mayor was unable to attend due to other arrangements…

In this meeting, the municipal manager acknowledged the disastrous consequences of the SPCA closing down, and asked for two weeks to resolve the problem.

But this two week period lapsed on the 9th of June, without any feedback from the municipality.

Although other avenues of income have been sought from third parties and corporate bodies, the funding has simply been insufficient.

“The SPCA will be shutting its doors as of 16 June 2017, and all animal related issues need to be dealt with by the Municipality Ward 11 Councillor and his members”, says Condogiannis.

The question remains… What about all the animals?

Jaryd Moore

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