Workers fed up with management’s treatment

Shoprite workers at Maake Plaza say they are fed up with their management and they want them gone as soon as possible.

This after workers embarked on a strike blocking customers from entering the shop. The workers said they have tolerated bad treatment and unfair dismissals of their colleagues for too long.

“We will be happy if branch manager, Robert Beswick, admin manager, Nthabeleseni Ralevesa and grocery manager, Albertina Letsoalo step down immediately. They lack Ubuntu, Batho Pele and humanity,” said one employee who wished to remain anonymous for fear of losing his job.

One of their grievances written in their memorandum of demands was the return of the previous manager, Tears Mabuza.

They said they worked well with her because she had good customer care.

“About 36 employees, mostly cashiers have been unfairly dismissed within a period of six months.

These workers were fired without having been given a warning,” said the employee.

The workers also claimed that most of the fired people were tricked.

“When they want to get rid of you they move you from whichever position you are in to be a cashier. By doing this they know there is a possibility of under ringing, shorts and overs.

One little mistake and you are out,

just like that,” they said.

They maintain that fired members

were made to sign resignation letters without their knowledge.

“You get fired even if you are R5.00 short and they even call the police on you, because of R5.00. Working for Shoprite is applying for a criminal record because one way or another you will get tricked,” said one angry employee.

“We are tired of this management, we want them gone as soon as possible. If someone is a few minutes late they delete his/her week’s schedule, they sign leave forms without workers permission and some workers have been working for more than 6 years but they are still labeled temporary workers.

This is not fair at all,” said another employee who also wished to remain anonymous.

Another employee expressed how they are being treated like children by management:

“They sometimes shout at us in front of customers”.

It is alleged that management have made threats of getting rid of all staff members and get new people.

Another issue raised by the workers is that their shop steward is very close to management rather than having a close relationship with the people who he is representing

One employee complained of unknown deductions from his weekly salary, instead of receiving R474 he was paid R351 for 32 hours.

Nkhensani Nkhwashu

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