Just another week is RSA

Is it me or have we just experienced one of the craziest weeks in history? Where do I even start?

Away with Xenophobia..away at last!

Foreign nationals are being bludgeoned and slaughtered in our “Rainbow Nation”, seeing the horrific images that were being shared on social media, I couldn’t help but chisel my teeth.

There is no use in being bitter

If there’s one thing that I have realised about heartbreak is that one tends to blame and torture themselves with thoughts of regret, wishing they could have tried harder to make it work.

Slippery slopes folks…slippery…

As a former WWE fan, I felt like I was watching Wrestlemania or the Royal Rumble, all that was missing was a ring, referee, spandex suits and cool fireworks with theme songs before the big showdown.

BOO-HOO to keyboard warriors…

The rise of social media has become more of a curse than a blessing and it has been used to berate, belittle and trample on others.

Doom Rights and Political Wrongs

How do we as a community uphold our Constitutional rights to freedom when facing religious or political threats?

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